2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Direkwatana Pansub (Thailand)

1 Hassan Bin Arshad363:425and is placed 65th with0-62
2 Vihaan Hingorani466:358and is placed 52nd with1+46
3 Vignesh Pirapaharan347:445and is placed 72nd with1-52
4 Kevin Bowerman374:484and is placed 85th with1-162
5 Muhammad Zabir437:245and is placed 65th with2+30
6 Jonas Brown429:380and is placed 52nd with3+79
7 Christopher Thomas387:429and is placed 62nd with3+37
8 Andra Diana Sandu382:368and is placed 53rd with4+51
9 Hassan Bin Arshad399:467and is placed 64th with4-17
10 Ana Delia Diac341:318and is placed 56th with5+6
11 Danial Iqbal400:407and is placed 61st with5-1
12 Imadith Egodawaththe368:345and is placed 52nd with6+22
13 Mohammed Talha Arif371:355and is placed 46th with7+38
14 Radinka Dissanayake389:357and is placed 38th with8+70
15 Vedika Hingorani552:300and is placed 29th with9+322
16 Ushara De Silva485:365and is placed 23rd with10+442
17 Shekinah Giffen356:374and is placed 28th with10+424
18 Qays Sangani394:445and is placed 37th with10+373
19 Dustin Brown323:443and is placed 45th with10+253
20 Nattakit Charee368:337and is placed 40th with11+284
21 Muddasir Memon298:448and is placed 49th with11+134
22 Rahul Jegatheva319:348and is placed 53rd with11+105
23 Lam Chi Ho Anson434:339and is placed 47th with12+200
24 Yash Potnis308:402and is placed 56th with12+106

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