2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Esom Kemakolam (Nigeria)

1 Chayanun Nabumrung176:492and is placed 105th with0-316
2 Hamid Abdi236:222and is placed 80th with1-302
3 Udey Singh302:194and is placed 55th with2-194
4 Adib Mukhriz201:467and is placed 73rd with2-460
5 Fortune Ezennia206:477and is placed 87th with2-731
6 Edith Wokabi217:407and is placed 92nd with2-921
7 Amna Cassim274:336and is placed 98th with2-983
8 Sylvia Nyawira259:361and is placed 101st with2-1085
9 Monis Khan249:438and is placed 104th with2-1274
10 Aishwarya Naidu251:282and is placed 105th with2-1305
11 awarded a walkover and is placed 103rd with3-1205
12 Joshua Ayden Lim248:170and is placed 100th with4-1127
13 Thushini De Silva220:261and is placed 102nd with4-1168
14 Udey Singh315:282and is placed 95th with5-1135
15 Sarvesh Krishanthan281:175and is placed 87th with6-1029
16 Chan Long Kei279:384and is placed 96th with6-1134
17 Matheesha De Silva231:248and is placed 99th with6-1151
18 Anjalee Handapangoda307:277and is placed 96th with7-1121
19 Thushini De Silva378:268and is placed 88th with8-1011
20 Amna Cassim267:240and is placed 82nd with9-984
21 Vershnil Weeraratne144:132and is placed 71st with10-972
22 Hasini Perara227:435and is placed 81st with10-1180
23 Muhammad Zabir243:411and is placed 88th with10-1348
24 Fortune Ezennia300:452and is placed 92nd with10-1500

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