2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Hansi Weerasooriya (Sri Lanka)

1 Udey Singh550:226and is placed 1st with1+324
2 Calvin Ma402:427and is placed 30th with1+299
3 Chayanun Nabumrung429:392and is placed 24th with2+336
4 Okikioluwa Hector434:352and is placed 16th with3+418
5 Janul De Silva380:409and is placed 26th with3+389
6 Abbas Shabbir391:392and is placed 43rd with3+388
7 Mohammed Talha Arif489:365and is placed 32nd with4+512
8 Samrath Singh Bhatia341:546and is placed 46th with4+307
9 Samrath Singh Bhatia322:472and is placed 60th with4+157
10 Mohammed Talha Arif408:335and is placed 50th with5+230
11 Thanaporn Siriwatt389:392and is placed 58th with5+227
12 Rahul Jegatheva314:440and is placed 68th with5+101
13 Mirza Taha516:487and is placed 60th with6+130
14 Hayati Rassool407:414and is placed 68th with6+123
15 Muddasir Memon429:312and is placed 56th with7+240
16 Jonas Brown393:327and is placed 47th with8+306
17 Brian Po353:319and is placed 42nd with9+340
18 Hathaiphat Supa421:334and is placed 36th with10+427
19 Rahul Jegatheva324:469and is placed 43rd with10+282
20 Mirza Taha413:371and is placed 39th with11+324
21 Hathaiphat Supa402:355and is placed 34th with12+371
22 Migara Jayasinghe354:424and is placed 42nd with12+301
23 Muddasir Memon410:345and is placed 33rd with13+366
24 Hassan Bin Arshad412:392and is placed 25th with14+386

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