2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Ho Chun Hung (Hong Kong)

1 Imadith Egodawaththe438:270and is placed 17th with1+168
2 Mirza Taha383:381and is placed 18th with2+170
3 Sanchit Kapoor293:409and is placed 42nd with2+54
4 Tawanjames Barwell368:404and is placed 53rd with2+18
5 Sohaib Sanaullah329:477and is placed 75th with2-130
6 Ali Rashid Khan336:402and is placed 82nd with2-196
7 Vihaan Hingorani351:365and is placed 87th with2-210
8 Kaustav Bhowmick497:280and is placed 72nd with3+7
9 Thanaporn Siriwatt317:463and is placed 83rd with3-139
10 Okikioluwa Hector311:464and is placed 91st with3-292
11 Chan Long Kei337:429and is placed 97th with3-384
12 Kaustav Bhowmick520:297and is placed 89th with4-161
13 Inuri De Silva413:286and is placed 80th with5-34
14 Vihaan Hingorani355:350and is placed 72nd with6-29
15 Sophia Mohammed411:287and is placed 61st with7+95
16 Mohammed Talha Arif348:460and is placed 72nd with7-17
17 Andra Diana Sandu454:274and is placed 61st with8+163
18 Danial Iqbal447:400and is placed 53rd with9+210
19 Muddasir Memon397:404and is placed 59th with9+203
20 Abbas Shabbir412:329and is placed 49th with10+286
21 Ahad Riaz379:291and is placed 45th with11+374
22 Nattakit Charee325:523and is placed 50th with11+176
23 Hathaiphat Supa305:446and is placed 61st with11+35
24 Boris Chung387:403and is placed 70th with11+19

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