2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Janidu De Silva (Qatar)

1 Boris Chung311:444and is placed 86th with0-133
2 Hayati Rassool252:523and is placed 104th with0-404
3 Pese Alo327:414and is placed 101st with0-491
4 Vershnil Weeraratne308:193and is placed 92nd with1-376
5 Aahil Borham327:349and is placed 94th with1-398
6 Anjalee Handapangoda376:323and is placed 88th with2-345
7 Muhammad Zabir279:285and is placed 92nd with2-351
8 Matheesha De Silva193:386and is placed 98th with2-544
9 Kaustav Bhowmick349:341and is placed 95th with3-536
10 Jessika Emrit304:351and is placed 99th with3-583
11 Aishwarya Naidu373:267and is placed 89th with4-477
12 Thushini De Silva358:257and is placed 81st with5-376
13 Andra Diana Sandu425:318and is placed 70th with6-269
14 Adib Mukhriz297:299and is placed 78th with6-271
15 Pese Alo336:428and is placed 85th with6-363
16 Ana Delia Diac330:346and is placed 93rd with6-379
17 Imadith Egodawaththe378:355and is placed 83rd with7-356
18 Vihaan Hingorani190:496and is placed 93rd with7-662
19 Vershnil Weeraratne363:371and is placed 97th with7-670
20 awarded a walkover and is placed 91st with8-570
21 Alice Durand271:509and is placed 96th with8-808
22 Hannah Poole299:306and is placed 97th with8-815
23 Sylvia Nyawira274:353and is placed 102nd with8-894
24 Joshua Ayden Lim286:184and is placed 99th with9-792

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