2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Jason Tsang Wai Yin (Hong Kong)

1 Ana Delia Diac417:324and is placed 34th with1+93
2 Sohaib Sanaullah428:333and is placed 16th with2+188
3 Qays Sangani368:420and is placed 37th with2+136
4 Nititorn Laimek365:431and is placed 50th with2+70
5 Ahad Riaz409:387and is placed 42nd with3+92
6 Thanaporn Siriwatt344:336and is placed 36th with4+100
7 Supakrit Sae Tao446:347and is placed 23rd with5+199
8 Vraj Jain345:392and is placed 34th with5+152
9 Dustin Brown433:416and is placed 30th with6+169
10 Tam Pok Hin415:359and is placed 22nd with7+225
11 Migara Jayasinghe323:447and is placed 31st with7+101
12 Danusha Muhandiramge480:399and is placed 24th with8+182
13 Tanaphon Kamenkij371:435and is placed 32nd with8+118
14 Ahmed Salik490:333and is placed 25th with9+275
15 Hassan Bin Arshad408:389and is placed 20th with10+294
16 Shekinah Giffen454:329and is placed 13th with11+419
17 Kevin Bowerman317:433and is placed 19th with11+303
18 Calvin Ma391:463and is placed 27th with11+231
19 Ahmed Salik421:399and is placed 19th with12+253
20 Ushara De Silva418:336and is placed 12th with13+335
21 Qays Sangani336:417and is placed 19th with13+254
22 Calvin Ma481:275and is placed 12th with14+460
23 Hasham Hadi Khan378:404and is placed 19th with14+434
24 Sanchit Kapoor330:472and is placed 26th with14+292

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