2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Joshua Ayden Lim (Malaysia)

1 Siriwat Suttapintu187:446and is placed 99th with0-259
2 Aishwarya Naidu234:252and is placed 96th with0-277
3 Matheesha De Silva124:151and is placed 95th with0-304
4 Andra Diana Sandu229:443and is placed 101st with0-518
5 Vihaan Hingorani247:383and is placed 103rd with0-654
6 Hannah Poole165:384and is placed 106th with0-873
7 Monis Khan170:517and is placed 107th with0-1220
8 awarded a walkover and is placed 106th with1-1120
9 Benita Angelyn Anand280:299and is placed 106th with1-1139
10 Udey Singh302:323and is placed 106th with1-1160
11 Sarvesh Krishanthan234:356and is placed 107th with1-1282
12 Esom Kemakolam170:248and is placed 107th with1-1360
13 Hamid Abdi118:239and is placed 107th with1-1481
14 Benita Angelyn Anand242:266and is placed 107th with1-1505
15 Aahil Borham245:338and is placed 107th with1-1598
16 Thushini De Silva210:261and is placed 107th with1-1649
17 Inuri De Silva230:312and is placed 107th with1-1731
18 Sylvia Nyawira171:403and is placed 107th with1-1963
19 Benita Angelyn Anand188:353and is placed 107th with1-2128
20 Sarvesh Krishanthan149:157and is placed 107th with1-2136
21 Udey Singh265:306and is placed 107th with1-2177
22 Hamid Abdi154:149and is placed 107th with2-2172
23 Thushini De Silva177:232and is placed 107th with2-2227
24 Janidu De Silva184:286and is placed 107th with2-2329

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