2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Kaustav Bhowmick (Australia)

1 Hasini Perara388:382and is placed 54th with1+6
2 Yash Potnis333:403and is placed 67th with1-64
3 Sylvia Nyawira268:204and is placed 47th with2+0
4 Ali Rashid Khan326:444and is placed 64th with2-118
5 Dulmini Weerarathne323:354and is placed 77th with2-149
6 Dustin Brown278:375and is placed 84th with2-246
7 Muddasir Memon342:400and is placed 90th with2-304
8 Ho Chun Hung280:497and is placed 97th with2-521
9 Janidu De Silva341:349and is placed 99th with2-529
10 Aahil Borham426:311and is placed 93rd with3-414
11 Thushini De Silva564:202and is placed 80th with4-52
12 Ho Chun Hung297:520and is placed 93rd with4-275
13 Brian Po345:377and is placed 95th with4-307
14 Alice Durand319:375and is placed 99th with4-363
15 Sylvia Nyawira511:263and is placed 93rd with5-115
16 Hamid Abdi421:215and is placed 85th with6+91
17 Jessika Emrit348:293and is placed 74th with7+146
18 Jonas Brown330:383and is placed 85th with7+93
19 Edith Wokabi412:361and is placed 75th with8+144
20 Aahil Borham471:312and is placed 67th with9+303
21 Boris Chung300:456and is placed 76th with9+147
22 Jonas Brown296:442and is placed 87th with9+1
23 Danial Iqbal346:395and is placed 91st with9-48
24 Sylvia Nyawira357:308and is placed 85th with10+1

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