2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Lam Chi Ho Anson (Hong Kong)

1 Aahil Borham407:291and is placed 27th with1+116
2 Sorawit Chucharoen339:415and is placed 55th with1+40
3 Tawanjames Barwell357:414and is placed 66th with1-17
4 Saim Usmani311:406and is placed 79th with1-112
5 Radheya Jegatheva400:348and is placed 66th with2-60
6 Amanda Khan375:290and is placed 56th with3+25
7 Danial Iqbal435:301and is placed 40th with4+159
8 Imadith Egodawaththe490:257and is placed 26th with5+392
9 Sohaib Sanaullah279:525and is placed 39th with5+146
10 Hathaiphat Supa329:409and is placed 54th with5+66
11 Dustin Brown327:259and is placed 44th with6+134
12 Muddasir Memon388:369and is placed 38th with7+153
13 Rahul Jegatheva316:469and is placed 49th with7+0
14 Qays Sangani285:364and is placed 59th with7-79
15 Kiki Chung Wing Sze468:244and is placed 43rd with8+145
16 Amanda Khan362:357and is placed 39th with9+150
17 Tan Xin Wei331:391and is placed 48th with9+90
18 Danusha Muhandiramge401:420and is placed 56th with9+71
19 Abbas Shabbir346:336and is placed 49th with10+81
20 Muddasir Memon369:383and is placed 54th with10+67
21 Nusrath Sariffo'deen363:312and is placed 50th with11+118
22 Hathaiphat Supa386:402and is placed 54th with11+102
23 Direkwatana Pansub339:434and is placed 62nd with11+7
24 Radheya Jegatheva463:253and is placed 54th with12+217

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