2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Matheesha De Silva (Sri Lanka)

1 Muhammad Zabir240:465and is placed 97th with0-225
2 Fortune Ezennia294:388and is placed 100th with0-319
3 Joshua Ayden Lim151:124and is placed 88th with1-292
4 Sarvesh Krishanthan345:244and is placed 69th with2-191
5 Jiradet Lekhaworakul223:500and is placed 84th with2-468
6 Adib Mukhriz291:391and is placed 90th with2-568
7 Dustin Brown254:528and is placed 97th with2-842
8 Janidu De Silva386:193and is placed 89th with3-649
9 Sylvia Nyawira404:289and is placed 76th with4-534
10 Boris Chung210:578and is placed 86th with4-902
11 Wesley Choy Wing Chi312:435and is placed 95th with4-1025
12 Vershnil Weeraratne223:364and is placed 101st with4-1166
13 Alice Durand230:491and is placed 103rd with4-1427
14 awarded a walkover and is placed 97th with5-1327
15 Udey Singh371:318and is placed 89th with6-1274
16 Amna Cassim284:293and is placed 97th with6-1283
17 Esom Kemakolam248:231and is placed 92nd with7-1266
18 Hamid Abdi258:194and is placed 82nd with8-1202
19 Aahil Borham255:416and is placed 90th with8-1363
20 Edith Wokabi244:452and is placed 95th with8-1571
21 Amna Cassim289:271and is placed 88th with9-1553
22 Sahel Infas229:330and is placed 94th with9-1654
23 Vershnil Weeraratne397:325and is placed 89th with10-1582
24 Brian Po185:563and is placed 93rd with10-1960

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