2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Okikioluwa Hector (Nigeria)

1 Sorawit Chucharoen325:440and is placed 80th with0-115
2 Sahel Infas653:208and is placed 29th with1+330
3 Hannah Poole383:276and is placed 21st with2+437
4 Hansi Weerasooriya352:434and is placed 36th with2+355
5 Siriwat Suttapintu428:409and is placed 27th with3+374
6 Syed Imaad Ali383:449and is placed 44th with3+308
7 Abbas Shabbir368:436and is placed 58th with3+240
8 Mohammed Talha Arif288:395and is placed 70th with3+133
9 Edith Wokabi459:293and is placed 58th with4+299
10 Ho Chun Hung464:311and is placed 45th with5+452
11 Ahad Riaz366:367and is placed 55th with5+451
12 Hayati Rassool364:321and is placed 47th with6+494
13 Thirandi De Silva376:419and is placed 54th with6+451
14 Abdullah Abbasi269:461and is placed 65th with6+259
15 Mirza Taha387:450and is placed 79th with6+196
16 Brian Po414:271and is placed 68th with7+339
17 Radinka Dissanayake388:441and is placed 73rd with7+286
18 Alice Durand459:309and is placed 64th with8+436
19 Radinka Dissanayake355:473and is placed 73rd with8+318
20 Hasini Perara545:182and is placed 65th with9+681
21 Brian Po398:368and is placed 57th with10+711
22 Tam Pok Hin436:298and is placed 46th with11+849
23 Shekinah Giffen343:358and is placed 57th with11+834
24 Ahad Riaz304:463and is placed 66th with11+675

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