2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Radheya Jegatheva (Australia)

1 Anjalee Handapangoda401:282and is placed 26th with1+119
2 Tawanjames Barwell351:406and is placed 49th with1+64
3 Sorawit Chucharoen370:459and is placed 67th with1-25
4 Danial Iqbal345:422and is placed 77th with1-102
5 Lam Chi Ho Anson348:400and is placed 89th with1-154
6 Muhd Alif Iman318:412and is placed 93rd with1-248
7 Brian Po403:385and is placed 88th with2-230
8 Jonas Brown430:421and is placed 82nd with3-221
9 Amanda Khan435:333and is placed 68th with4-119
10 Imadith Egodawaththe278:392and is placed 79th with4-233
11 Ushara De Silva397:404and is placed 85th with4-240
12 Wesley Choy Wing Chi371:366and is placed 74th with5-235
13 Vihaan Hingorani437:281and is placed 64th with6-79
14 Supakrit Sae Tao410:346and is placed 56th with7-15
15 Saim Usmani295:437and is placed 66th with7-157
16 Tan Xin Wei393:320and is placed 57th with8-84
17 Pese Alo363:400and is placed 67th with8-121
18 Nusrath Sariffo'deen362:372and is placed 73rd with8-131
19 Yash Potnis338:493and is placed 81st with8-286
20 Wesley Choy Wing Chi407:284and is placed 75th with9-163
21 Thanakorn Kongkwam439:387and is placed 66th with10-111
22 Clintia Simon368:438and is placed 75th with10-181
23 Amanda Khan412:292and is placed 64th with11-61
24 Lam Chi Ho Anson253:463and is placed 75th with11-271

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