2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Radinka Dissanayake (Sri Lanka)

1 Samrath Singh Bhatia423:356and is placed 43rd with1+67
2 Migara Jayasinghe372:416and is placed 58th with1+23
3 Adib Mukhriz484:260and is placed 30th with2+247
4 Janul De Silva396:377and is placed 22nd with3+266
5 Thirandi De Silva458:425and is placed 14th with4+299
6 Hathaiphat Supa520:323and is placed 8th with5+496
7 Abdullah Abbasi393:429and is placed 16th with5+460
8 Aditya Iyengar448:364and is placed 10th with6+544
9 Abbas Shabbir357:399and is placed 17th with6+502
10 Sanchit Kapoor310:604and is placed 34th with6+208
11 Daniel Henriques361:467and is placed 46th with6+102
12 Ali Rashid Khan367:444and is placed 51st with6+25
13 Qays Sangani394:433and is placed 61st with6-14
14 Direkwatana Pansub357:389and is placed 73rd with6-46
15 Danial Iqbal384:441and is placed 81st with6-103
16 Andra Diana Sandu615:253and is placed 69th with7+259
17 Okikioluwa Hector441:388and is placed 60th with8+312
18 Thirandi De Silva300:330and is placed 65th with8+282
19 Okikioluwa Hector473:355and is placed 58th with9+400
20 Monis Khan419:326and is placed 48th with10+493
21 Hayati Rassool464:352and is placed 42nd with11+605
22 Amirul H Saharuddin406:376and is placed 36th with12+635
23 Mirza Taha340:370and is placed 41st with12+605
24 Chayanun Nabumrung370:408and is placed 49th with12+567

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