2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Rahul Jegatheva (Australia)

1 Inuri De Silva444:255and is placed 13th with1+189
2 Muddasir Memon432:350and is placed 8th with2+271
3 Danial Iqbal494:320and is placed 3rd with3+445
4 Hasham Hadi Khan364:406and is placed 17th with3+403
5 Jack Durand245:525and is placed 40th with3+123
6 Vedika Hingorani295:413and is placed 57th with3+5
7 Ahmed Salik366:417and is placed 69th with3-46
8 Hathaiphat Supa337:472and is placed 81st with3-181
9 Muhd Alif Iman432:307and is placed 65th with4-56
10 Chan Long Kei409:222and is placed 52nd with5+131
11 Thanakorn Kongkwam349:332and is placed 43rd with6+148
12 Hansi Weerasooriya440:314and is placed 36th with7+274
13 Lam Chi Ho Anson469:316and is placed 22nd with8+427
14 Dustin Brown386:308and is placed 20th with9+505
15 Jiradet Lekhaworakul304:360and is placed 28th with9+449
16 Jack Durand351:436and is placed 33rd with9+364
17 Hasham Hadi Khan348:404and is placed 45th with9+308
18 Thanaporn Siriwatt463:323and is placed 35th with10+448
19 Hansi Weerasooriya469:324and is placed 27th with11+593
20 Sohaib Sanaullah325:335and is placed 37th with11+583
21 Migara Jayasinghe289:408and is placed 44th with11+464
22 Direkwatana Pansub348:319and is placed 37th with12+493
23 Nattakit Charee299:396and is placed 43rd with12+396
24 Thanaporn Siriwatt390:392and is placed 51st with12+394

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