2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Sahel Infas (Qatar)

1 Brian Po259:372and is placed 79th with0-113
2 Okikioluwa Hector208:653and is placed 107th with0-558
3 Mohammed Talha Arif229:379and is placed 106th with0-708
4 awarded a walkover and is placed 98th with1-608
5 Benita Angelyn Anand293:277and is placed 86th with2-592
6 Udey Singh287:262and is placed 71st with3-567
7 Hamid Abdi432:178and is placed 54th with4-313
8 Chayanun Nabumrung226:446and is placed 67th with4-533
9 Amna Cassim316:343and is placed 77th with4-560
10 Vershnil Weeraratne369:306and is placed 66th with5-497
11 Edith Wokabi240:505and is placed 76th with5-762
12 Fortune Ezennia356:271and is placed 64th with6-677
13 Jonas Brown267:383and is placed 75th with6-793
14 Tan Xin Wei211:534and is placed 84th with6-1116
15 Hasini Perara311:476and is placed 90th with6-1281
16 Sophia Mohammed259:387and is placed 98th with6-1409
17 Aahil Borham336:360and is placed 100th with6-1433
18 Udey Singh336:258and is placed 98th with7-1355
19 Amna Cassim225:334and is placed 101st with7-1464
20 Jessika Emrit402:301and is placed 94th with8-1363
21 Thushini De Silva318:171and is placed 87th with9-1216
22 Matheesha De Silva330:229and is placed 80th with10-1115
23 Imadith Egodawaththe281:351and is placed 87th with10-1185
24 Ana Delia Diac317:345and is placed 91st with10-1213

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