2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Sophia Mohammed (Trinidad and Tobago)

1 Muddasir Memon234:414and is placed 94th with0-180
2 Jessika Emrit297:405and is placed 97th with0-288
3 Sarvesh Krishanthan563:229and is placed 59th with1+46
4 Hannah Poole405:286and is placed 43rd with2+165
5 Aabid Ismail322:393and is placed 59th with2+94
6 Christopher Thomas276:399and is placed 76th with2-29
7 Chayanun Nabumrung373:430and is placed 82nd with2-86
8 Ushara De Silva305:419and is placed 92nd with2-200
9 Jonas Brown406:317and is placed 82nd with3-111
10 Muhammad Zabir366:375and is placed 89th with3-120
11 Brian Po372:359and is placed 81st with4-107
12 Alice Durand353:405and is placed 88th with4-159
13 Thanakorn Kongkwam481:329and is placed 78th with5-7
14 Jonas Brown373:411and is placed 87th with5-45
15 Ho Chun Hung287:411and is placed 94th with5-169
16 Sahel Infas387:259and is placed 86th with6-41
17 Aishwarya Naidu314:300and is placed 77th with7-27
18 Aahil Borham376:355and is placed 69th with8-6
19 Mohammed Talha Arif345:361and is placed 78th with8-22
20 Jonas Brown368:354and is placed 71st with9-8
21 Danial Iqbal291:413and is placed 80th with9-130
22 Vedika Hingorani385:383and is placed 72nd with10-128
23 Chan Long Kei387:345and is placed 65th with11-86
24 Saim Usmani372:374and is placed 73rd with11-88

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