2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Thanaporn Siriwatt (Thailand)

1 Sohaib Sanaullah365:456and is placed 74th with0-91
2 Amirul H Saharuddin428:268and is placed 47th with1+69
3 Wesley Choy Wing Chi368:404and is placed 62nd with1+33
4 Chan Long Kei372:341and is placed 51st with2+64
5 Edith Wokabi415:388and is placed 45th with3+91
6 Jason Tsang Wai Yin336:344and is placed 51st with3+83
7 Migara Jayasinghe373:426and is placed 63rd with3+30
8 Nattakit Charee398:402and is placed 71st with3+26
9 Ho Chun Hung463:317and is placed 59th with4+172
10 Edith Wokabi414:315and is placed 49th with5+271
11 Hansi Weerasooriya392:389and is placed 41st with6+274
12 Boris Chung428:380and is placed 34th with7+322
13 Dustin Brown435:371and is placed 24th with8+386
14 Abbas Shabbir383:385and is placed 30th with8+384
15 Christopher Thomas281:385and is placed 39th with8+280
16 Jiradet Lekhaworakul468:452and is placed 34th with9+296
17 Abdullah Abbasi271:562and is placed 52nd with9+5
18 Rahul Jegatheva323:463and is placed 59th with9-135
19 Ana Delia Diac539:297and is placed 48th with10+107
20 Saim Usmani489:345and is placed 41st with11+251
21 Nattakit Charee263:370and is placed 48th with11+144
22 Tan Xin Wei503:236and is placed 39th with12+411
23 Dustin Brown320:445and is placed 44th with12+286
24 Rahul Jegatheva392:390and is placed 40th with13+288

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