2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Udey Singh (India)

1 Hansi Weerasooriya226:550and is placed 107th with0-324
2 awarded a walkover and is placed 77th with1-224
3 Esom Kemakolam194:302and is placed 89th with1-332
4 Sylvia Nyawira227:327and is placed 95th with1-432
5 Hamid Abdi315:365and is placed 97th with1-482
6 Sahel Infas262:287and is placed 98th with1-507
7 Vershnil Weeraratne176:310and is placed 101st with1-641
8 Aahil Borham228:394and is placed 104th with1-807
9 Sarvesh Krishanthan299:261and is placed 101st with2-769
10 Joshua Ayden Lim323:302and is placed 101st with3-748
11 Hamid Abdi250:245and is placed 92nd with4-743
12 Sylvia Nyawira218:471and is placed 98th with4-996
13 Aishwarya Naidu209:323and is placed 101st with4-1110
14 Esom Kemakolam282:315and is placed 103rd with4-1143
15 Matheesha De Silva318:371and is placed 104th with4-1196
16 Benita Angelyn Anand308:286and is placed 102nd with5-1174
17 Thushini De Silva283:310and is placed 103rd with5-1201
18 Sahel Infas258:336and is placed 103rd with5-1279
19 Inuri De Silva285:334and is placed 104th with5-1328
20 Benita Angelyn Anand360:297and is placed 103rd with6-1265
21 Joshua Ayden Lim306:265and is placed 103rd with7-1224
22 Sarvesh Krishanthan247:273and is placed 103rd with7-1250
23 Jessika Emrit253:262and is placed 103rd with7-1259
24 Hamid Abdi270:233and is placed 103rd with8-1222

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