2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Vershnil Weeraratne (Qatar)

1 Chan Long Kei235:381and is placed 87th with0-146
2 Pese Alo259:501and is placed 103rd with0-388
3 Hayati Rassool209:526and is placed 104th with0-705
4 Janidu De Silva193:308and is placed 106th with0-820
5 Sarvesh Krishanthan350:216and is placed 100th with1-686
6 Aahil Borham267:262and is placed 91st with2-681
7 Udey Singh310:176and is placed 80th with3-547
8 Hamid Abdi295:287and is placed 68th with4-539
9 Dulmini Weerarathne330:381and is placed 78th with4-590
10 Sahel Infas306:369and is placed 84th with4-653
11 Monis Khan276:399and is placed 93rd with4-776
12 Matheesha De Silva364:223and is placed 84th with5-635
13 Clintia Simon296:332and is placed 91st with5-671
14 Fortune Ezennia293:423and is placed 94th with5-801
15 Adib Mukhriz284:456and is placed 100th with5-973
16 Hannah Poole282:416and is placed 101st with5-1107
17 awarded a walkover and is placed 98th with6-1007
18 Benita Angelyn Anand386:241and is placed 94th with7-862
19 Janidu De Silva371:363and is placed 87th with8-854
20 Thushini De Silva300:300and is placed 83rd with8.5-854
21 Esom Kemakolam132:144and is placed 90th with8.5-866
22 Edith Wokabi210:506and is placed 95th with8.5-1162
23 Matheesha De Silva325:397and is placed 100th with8.5-1234
24 Aishwarya Naidu149:179and is placed 102nd with8.5-1264

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