2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Vignesh Pirapaharan (Sri Lanka)

1 Vraj Jain380:417and is placed 63rd with0-37
2 Ushara De Silva313:425and is placed 89th with0-149
3 Direkwatana Pansub445:347and is placed 71st with1-51
4 Amanda Khan435:434and is placed 62nd with2-50
5 Brian Po438:365and is placed 49th with3+23
6 Nusrath Sariffo'deen479:337and is placed 30th with4+165
7 Boris Chung548:336and is placed 18th with5+377
8 Hassan Bin Arshad448:400and is placed 14th with6+425
9 Ahmed Salik559:376and is placed 6th with7+608
10 Abdullah Abbasi387:347and is placed 6th with8+648
11 Abbas Shabbir420:401and is placed 4th with9+667
12 Hasham Hadi Khan492:340and is placed 4th with10+819
13 Janul De Silva402:350and is placed 2nd with11+871
14 Sorawit Chucharoen396:385and is placed 2nd with12+882
15 Sanchit Kapoor415:518and is placed 3rd with12+779
16 Migara Jayasinghe318:440and is placed 3rd with12+657
17 Aabid Ismail328:379and is placed 8th with12+606
18 Ali Rashid Khan489:357and is placed 4th with13+738
19 Jack Durand475:364and is placed 3rd with14+849
20 Aabid Ismail324:494and is placed 6th with14+679
21 Sanchit Kapoor317:491and is placed 8th with14+505
22 Thavalakshman Yogan345:431and is placed 13th with14+419
23 Qays Sangani343:462and is placed 20th with14+300
24 Ahmed Salik384:418and is placed 27th with14+266

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