2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Vraj Jain (India)

1 Vignesh Pirapaharan417:380and is placed 46th with1+37
2 Nusrath Sariffo'deen432:395and is placed 26th with2+74
3 Hassan Bin Arshad299:432and is placed 52nd with2-59
4 Yash Potnis331:405and is placed 66th with2-133
5 Wesley Choy Wing Chi380:308and is placed 52nd with3-61
6 Dulmini Weerarathne474:303and is placed 35th with4+110
7 Qays Sangani445:377and is placed 26th with5+178
8 Jason Tsang Wai Yin392:345and is placed 19th with6+225
9 Migara Jayasinghe412:403and is placed 12th with7+234
10 Calvin Ma444:408and is placed 7th with8+270
11 Danusha Muhandiramge383:466and is placed 14th with8+187
12 Aditya Iyengar271:478and is placed 26th with8-20
13 Samrath Singh Bhatia471:393and is placed 16th with9+58
14 Shekinah Giffen382:346and is placed 12th with10+94
15 Nititorn Laimek400:386and is placed 7th with11+108
16 Kevin Bowerman399:431and is placed 16th with11+76
17 Sorawit Chucharoen373:457and is placed 21st with11-8
18 Tanaphon Kamenkij341:407and is placed 29th with11-74
19 Nititorn Laimek347:442and is placed 38th with11-169
20 Amirul H Saharuddin499:246and is placed 29th with12+84
21 Kiki Chung Wing Sze401:346and is placed 21st with13+139
22 Tanaphon Kamenkij441:434and is placed 15th with14+146
23 Ali Rashid Khan435:381and is placed 12th with15+200
24 Syed Imaad Ali366:497and is placed 17th with15+69

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