2016 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Wesley Choy Wing Chi (Hong Kong)

1 Aabid Ismail373:476and is placed 76th with0-103
2 Ana Delia Diac349:330and is placed 69th with1-84
3 Thanaporn Siriwatt404:368and is placed 50th with2-48
4 Jessika Emrit403:254and is placed 30th with3+101
5 Vraj Jain308:380and is placed 48th with3+29
6 Daniel Henriques272:469and is placed 67th with3-168
7 Tan Xin Wei405:386and is placed 52nd with4-149
8 Dulmini Weerarathne363:379and is placed 59th with4-165
9 Nusrath Sariffo'deen320:426and is placed 75th with4-271
10 Pese Alo321:405and is placed 81st with4-355
11 Matheesha De Silva435:312and is placed 70th with5-232
12 Radheya Jegatheva366:371and is placed 75th with5-237
13 Adib Mukhriz433:314and is placed 65th with6-118
14 Ana Delia Diac396:290and is placed 55th with7-12
15 Supakrit Sae Tao333:397and is placed 65th with7-76
16 Saim Usmani325:379and is placed 74th with7-130
17 Amanda Khan311:393and is placed 80th with7-212
18 Vedika Hingorani485:330and is placed 70th with8-57
19 Thanakorn Kongkwam370:317and is placed 64th with9-4
20 Radheya Jegatheva284:407and is placed 73rd with9-127
21 Mohammed Talha Arif275:514and is placed 81st with9-366
22 Chan Long Kei470:284and is placed 74th with10-180
23 Vedika Hingorani406:407and is placed 81st with10-181
24 Vihaan Hingorani483:380and is placed 72nd with11-78

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