2015 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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DATE: Saturday 31 October 29th to Monday 2nd November
LOCATION: Perth, Australia

The University of Western Australia

This is a lovely university, spacious and green, and there were signs at various places on the campus directing players to the Bayliss building. We have a good spacious area on the ground floor. The floor is paved with an intriguing Penrose tiling of rhombuses, aperiodic (so you cannot outline a block region which repeats) but with local five fold symmetry throughout. Once thought of as a mathematical oddity, it has been found to have significance in chemistry. The internal architecture of the building is artfully designed and spacious with a shimmering DNA spiral giving an apt abstraction of the staircases and landings in front of the helix.


On Friday (Halloweeneen), players started arriving and registering, all very excited at the prospect of not only the thrill of competition, but also the buzz of meeting friends from the past and making new friends. The parents were almost as excited, but some were weary after long flights. When they registered, their passports were checked, mainly to verify their age (as always reckoned at Dec 31 this year for consistency). This will be important in awarding age band prizes. Players received a souvenir tile bag, a souvenir booklet with photos and potted biographies of each player ,a score book and a T shirt. Unfortunately some entrants were not granted visas. At the end of Friday, there were still quite a few players remaining unregistered but there is scope for further registrations on Saturday morning between 8.30 am and 9am.

Play starts

Unfortunately some players could not make it, in particular players from Nigeria and the Phillippines.



Apologies for paucity of stories today. Abdullah Abassi played SLANGU(AG)E through AG. Janidu Karunaratne scored 168 for SHORINGS. Later he played (C)AND(I)dEST through separated C and I. He is earning a reputation as master of nine letter plays. Nick Ivanovski is collecting stories from all over. Click the link for his digest of day 1 of WYSC

The side tournament

While the main event is in progress, some of the adults (Nigel Richards and his ilk) are playing also, although some might say that Nigel does not have any ilk.


This started with a reset, so that pairings for round 10 were 1 v 2, 3 v 4 etc (King of the Hill). For the rest of Sunday, the memory of who played whom was restricted to that day only. Thus each player would not play any given opponent more than once during Sunday, although they might play someone that they played on Saturday.

Round 10

Tim Mason extended EIGHT to EIGHTEEN and is not disqualified by age. BARFI is another tidbit on the board. Thirandi found a bingo from AECIMRS. Aabid knows some unusual words eg ELANCED, PLEURAS. Hasindu missed NEURO(S)IS with his rack of INORSU?. A nine letter appeared, (FE)ATURING by Hassan Hadi Khan.

Round 11

AARSSTT was spotted on a rack of a young lad. Can you spot the 2 bingoes? Hammad Hadi Khan had EIOOSTT on his rack and F was on the board. He decided to play TO(C)O to open another line but that play backfired. A beautiful nine letter RECENT(RE)D was played by Ali Rashid Khan. AHOOR?? was spotted. How many bonuses can you spot from this rack?

Round 12

Round 12 begins with a flurry of beautiful bingos for the top four tables, including ERODIUM and PERIANTH by Nicholas Hong, RAISING by Lewis Hawkins, OPIATED by Jack Durand, DODGERS by Sanchit Kapoor and NUCLEIDE by Abdullah Abbasi. Can you spot the anagrams for the following? ACENOTT AAGILON IIKNOSTT EILNRRUU

Round 13

AEENORS has appeared about ten times so far today. (P)RERaDIO was played by Abdullah Abassi on A8 going down. His blank hit the Double Letter. Can you spot the better word? BEIORUVS was also spotted in Jack Durand's game.

Round 14

The game before lunch. Abassi missed ILNOORT with a floating P on the board. CAVIARE, CESTODE, JERRIES and BONXIE were played. BDEILRT was missed. Have you spotted the bingo?

Round 15

A tricky rack of IOORSST was missed by Ryan Wee. Compatriot Jarret Tan also from Singapore missed DEEINSW and DIILRU? but perhaps our roving reporter Toh Weibin ex Singapore now a globetrotter is expecting too much of players from Singapore.

Group photo

Players were smiling and happy for a fantastic photo opportunity on the steps. Parents had to be reprimanded more than once as their heads were blocking the view of the official photographer.

Round 16

Rack ACIILNR was spotted by Weibin. And what about the headache rack FIIIIQR held by Joanne in her third move. What, apart from heaving a great sigh would you do?
Hafizudin missed DGIKNOS and Ronnie missed AILRSTT. The phony TOTALERS was plonked on the board by Absar but it remained unchallenged, despite it being free challenge.
Wesley Choy had ALNPTY?

Round 17

BEENTOS was seen. Prateek missed TTOLAZE + I, but would you have found it under pressure, dear reader? Hasham played GLADIUS. The All Blacks' board between John McNaughton and Alex Leckie-Zaharic featured two 9 letter words - DEGREASED and GRINDINGS.

Round 18

Young Scrabblers are low on energy after this eighth game of the day with another yet to go today. The cheerful but vigilant tournament director, Martin Teo, has managed to keep a good time flow, aided by the lagged draw (where the pairings for round x do not need to wait until all results from round x-1 are in, but instead are based on results from round x-2).
One player inadvertently did a flash draw and his opponent recognised it a second too late. Martin Teo helped resolve the situation. Another player hastily and unintentionally made an error while challenging a word, submitting AGUTIS instead of the AGUTI on the board. Both players were warned to be more careful.
What would you do if you were up by 27 with a rack of ?IQPYZ versus your opponent's AIIO at the endgame? Aabid Ismail made an impressive CSW15 play of YeZ for 48 points, creating an unassailable lead in front of his opponent Nititorn Laimek. The final score was 441-381 in Aabid's favour.

Round 19

The last round of the day saw Nicholas Hong from Singapore again take the lead. A few rounds earlier a string of three losses had sent him to the lower tables, but he vowed to get back, and so he did. Today several strong contenders vied eg Lewis Hawkins, John McNaughton, Sanchit Kapoor, Abdulla Abassi and Migara Jayasinghe. Last year's winner Jack Durand has taken until these last few rounds of Saturday to start breathing down the neck of his rivals. Stories I didn't manage to key in from yesterday: ( Click the link to see Nick Ivanovski's digest of day 2

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