2015 World Youth Scrabble Championships

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Scorecard for Tengku Ariff Shah (Malaysia)

1 was pipped by Abbas Shabbir395:403and is placed 57th with0-8
2 lost to Tinash Rawin Drak290:371and is placed 82nd with0-89
3 beat Ahmad Taufiq408:341and is placed 68th with1-22
4 beat Wynter Hau338:326and is placed 64th with2-10
5 beat Liana Aho398:295and is placed 43rd with3+93
6 pipped Ng Ka Wing328:325and is placed 32nd with4+96
7 lost to Tsang Wai Yin Jason327:416and is placed 47th with4+7
8 got walloped by Muhammad Nasir249:463and is placed 62nd with4-207
9 lost to Lau Siu Man280:429and is placed 71st with4-356
10 lost to Wesley Choy Wing Chi351:369and is placed 81st with4-374
11 beat Muhd Alif Iman357:324and is placed 74th with5-341
12 pulverised Koko Bhowmick530:242and is placed 57th with6-53
13 lost to Abbas Shabbir351:371and is placed 63rd with6-73
14 beat Azhaamirul Warno348:332and is placed 58th with7-57
15 beat Calvin Ma411:328and is placed 49th with8+26
16 beat Hasindu Arumapperuma417:385and is placed 40th with9+58
17 pipped Yash Potnis414:410and is placed 35th with10+62
18 was pipped by Nichelle Eng342:344and is placed 43rd with10+60
19 was pipped by Tan Xin Wei439:443and is placed 48th with10+56
20 lost to Yash Potnis336:355and is placed 57th with10+37
21 beat Tawan James Barwell387:276and is placed 48th with11+148
22 lost to Ahmad Kashful Akmal435:470and is placed 55th with11+113
23 beat Jarrett Tan395:318and is placed 48th with12+190
24 lost to Tsang Wai Yin Jason268:448and is placed 57th with12+10

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