WESPA Youth Cup 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
29th November to 1st December 2019

Scorecard for AU07 Alex Lam

1 QA08 Vershnil471:233and is placed 17th with1+238
2 SG04 Chew Wei Wen309:436and is placed 68th with1+111
3 HK12 Wong Chun Ki283:429and is placed 114th with1-35
4 MY52 Dresden379:311and is placed 89th with2+33
5 US01 Nathanael391:377and is placed 78th with3+47
6 PK12 Hamza Naeem292:495and is placed 107th with3-156
7 HK03 Thomson371:442and is placed 125th with3-227
8 LK11 Ashvin Kesavan399:332and is placed 105th with4-160
9 HK17 Ho Fai Yeung435:316and is placed 82nd with5-41
10 MY26 Md Faik Haikal409:392and is placed 68th with6-24
11 MY15 Kyan370:366and is placed 53rd with7-20
12 LK13 Dinuli437:351and is placed 37th with8+66
13 LK06 Hasali431:306and is placed 28th with9+191
14 HK02 Wesley287:406and is placed 44th with9+72
15 MY11 Eirfan Razman307:533and is placed 57th with9-154
16 TH20 L Siridech405:405and is placed 48th with9.5-154
17 MY31 Nurin Farisha399:240and is placed 36th with10.5+5
18 assigned half a win and is placed 46th with11+5
19 forfeited and is placed 59th with11-95
20 forfeited and is placed 77th with11-195
21 forfeited and is placed 89th with11-295
22 forfeited and is placed 104th with11-395
23 RO02 Cristian Caba352:355and is placed 118th with11-398