WESPA Youth Cup 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
29th November to 1st December 2019

Scorecard for RO01 Iustin Enea

1 KE07 Benmoffart537:274and is placed 14th with1+263
2 TH02 Tarin Pairor299:579and is placed 101st with1-17
3 MY73 Rahul M Avalani492:262and is placed 53rd with2+213
4 TT06 Samantha Khan457:304and is placed 33rd with3+366
5 PK01 Aehzam Ahmed335:442and is placed 54th with3+259
6 HK04 Ernest322:535and is placed 90th with3+46
7 PK03 Usman Shaukat343:485and is placed 115th with3-96
8 MY73 Rahul M Avalani499:252and is placed 84th with4+151
9 AU03 Asher Chhabra296:373and is placed 101st with4+74
10 MY06 Jareth Mah353:417and is placed 118th with4+10
11 IN02 Vedika H267:487and is placed 139th with4-210
12 MY59 Yang Wen Kai493:337and is placed 124th with5-54
13 TH14 Laksanapreecha288:318and is placed 136th with5-84
14 MY42 Nishant Rajah393:278and is placed 119th with6+31
15 TH17 Hatthaya Jaidee368:352and is placed 106th with7+47
16 TH21 Paparavee438:299and is placed 88th with8+186
17 ID02 Egy Vedriyanto311:411and is placed 102nd with8+86
18 HK07 Julian Wong281:481and is placed 121st with8-114
19 LK11 Ashvin Kesavan337:334and is placed 111th with9-111
20 MY60 Chow Zhuo Xue421:321and is placed 95th with10-11
21 ID01 Md Nur Akbar342:323and is placed 84th with11+8
22 awarded a walkover and is placed 69th with12+108
23 PK16 Bilal Asher261:463and is placed 85th with12-94