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WESPA-UWA World Youth Scrabble ® Championship

31st October to 2nd November, 2015


University of Western Australia,

in particular The School of Chemistry & Biochemistry (UWA) and The School of Physics (UWA) have kindly provided the venue for WYSC 2015.


UWA, Bayliss Building, 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley, WA 6009

Perth, Australia


Link to Map of university (Bayliss building in centre): http://www.uwa.edu.au/contact/map

Location map (showing airport, Gloucester Park, and UWA):



Interesting facts about Bayliss Building

(note: the mineral named after this Professor is *not* playable in Scrabble, yet) 



WESPA’s 10th WYSC will be held prior to WESPA Championship (the equivalent of World Scrabble Championship).  This allows youth players to stay on in Perth for an extra few days, and compete in further events against Adults.  If you compete in the Last Chance Qualifier, there is one spot reserved in the WESPA Championship for the best-finishing youth player.  This is in addition to the two spots available for Youth Champions, from 2014 (Jack Durand) and 2015 (put your name here!).  What an opportunity, to compete against the best adult players from all over the world.  Therefore, it is worthwhile to book flights so that you can stay for the extra time, if possible.  Details of the WESPAC events are on WESPA website.  http://www.wespa.org/tournaments/index.shtml


Coaches are asked to prepare players properly for high-level competition (The best way is to compete in normal tournaments, against adults, before attempting WYSC.).  At past WYSC events, a few inexperienced players caused holdups and disruptions.  They were slow, consistently scored inaccurately or not agreeing on final scores, and were unfamiliar with basic rules. Some displayed bad sportsmanship, including a loud verbal argument during play. A number of tiles “going missing” under long tablecloths required us to remove the tablecloths! An important Scrabble tournament is no place to “turn on the waterworks”. Other players should not be required to cope with the tears of an immature child - crying is considered manipulative, as is any other form of intimidation.


DATE:  Saturday 31st October to Monday 2nd November

LOCATION: Perth, Western Australia

VENUE:  Bayliss Building, 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley

ACCOMMODATION: If you want accommodation on or near the UWA site, these are the possibilities.  (You should be able to stay there also for the following week, when the WESPAC events are happening – just ask)  (The distance between UWA and Gloucester Park is 7.5kms)


Each of them has a limited number of rooms available. University Hall and St Catherine's College are on campus.

University Hall (on Campus, UWA)
8 single rooms available
$80.00/night includes buffet breakfast daily
Single occupancy only and consist of a single bed, desk, wardrobe, and air-conditioning and have shared bathroom facilities.
Rooms are held for WYSC till 1st July
To book contact:
Shannon Owens-Dyer
Seminar and Conference Coordinator
University Hall, The University of Western Australia
M426, 130 Winthrop Avenue, Crawley 6009 Western Australia
T: +61 8 9273 3371 X: 8371 M: +61 (0)407 480 100
E: shannon.owens-dyer@uwa.edu.au 

W: unihall.uwa.edu.au

St Catherine's College (on Campus UWA)
15 self-contained apartments available
$180-340 per apartment per night (includes breakfast)
Guests can make an online enquiry to check availability before completing the booking form
Contact: Jodi Swan
Ph. +61 8 9442 0585 | Fax +61 8 9386 3844 | Address 2 Park Rd Crawley, WA 6009

King's Park Motel
255 Thomas Street, Subiaco WA 6008
Discount Provided to those who mention: World Youth Scrabble Championships
To Book Phone: +61 8 9381 0000 or email: bookings@kingsparkmotel.com.au
5 Double Rooms & 10 Twin Rooms available
Double Room 1 x Queen Bed (sleeps 2) $150
Twin Rm 1 x queen bed & 1 x single bed $160
(sleeps 2 - 3rd person in twin extra $15)


Other accommodation can be found by searching http://www.tripadvisor.com.au/, booking.com.au, http://au.hotels.com/,http://www.lastminute.com.au/.


GETTING FROM HOTELS TO UWA:  Free shuttle buses travel around the Perth CBD (Central Business District), but do not go right to UWA (Stops north of Mounts Bay Rd)  There are also public (paid) buses – e.g. for an adult to travel to Gloucester Park from UWA costs $2.90)

To find your way around Perth, use the journey planner on the transperth website: http://www.transperth.wa.gov.au       From the city, buses 950 and 102 go to UWA 


Players will be issued with one bottle of water each – these can be replenished from the water fountain on site.

On Saturday and Sunday, the on-campus eateries are closed.  However, the Broadway Fair shops are about 200m away, where an assortment of food can be purchased. There is also an IGA (grocery store) there, which is open every day. It is recommended that you provide players with small snacks for between games. There will be sufficient time to walk to these shops for lunch.



Martin Teo (Malaysia) – you will recall Martin as the tough, but friendly, TD from a number of previous WYSC events. He also directs the enormous ASCI event annually (run by University of Malaya, and growing every year – this year with over 400 players, mostly youth)


ENTRIES CLOSE:  30th September 2015.

REGISTER at venue to confirm participation:  either between 4 and 5pm Friday October 30th or between 8.30 and 9am on Saturday 31st October. 

T-shirt sizing will also be at this time.  Bring proof of age to Registration.

SCHEDULE:  Play begins Saturday, and finishes at lunchtime Monday (you can thus book flights out of Perth from approximately 4pm onwards)

FORFEITS:  Clocks will be started if you are late for a game. If over 25 minutes late, you will forfeit. Games are grouped into twos and threes. Stay in the playing area for those two or three games, except for quick comfort breaks.

TIMETABLE:    Saturday 9:30m to approx. 6:30 pm – 9 games

Sunday 9am to approx. 7pm – 10 games

Monday 8am to approx. 1:30pm – 5 games

FORMAT: Open event – that means everyone plays on one section.  Players vying for age group Championships will still be required to match older players.

The first draw will be random, with no same-country matches. The second draw will be based on results of round 1 (matching players with someone whose performance is closest to theirs, i.e. Australian version of Swiss draw.)  Draws will be lagged for most games, meaning no waiting time, except for the final few games.  There will be resets, with repeats, after games 9 and 19. You could play one opponent three times.  Gibson rule applies.

TIME: 25 minutes per player

RULES:  WESPA Rules Version 3 will be used. These were released on October 13, 2015. You can download a PDF file of the rules from www.wespa.org

DICTIONARY: Collins Scrabble Words 2015 (CSW15)

CHALLENGE:  free challenge (i.e. no penalty for challenging correct words)

RATING:  This tournament will be WESPA-rated

ELIGIBILITY:  You must be born 1/1/1998 or later.  Passports or ID cards will be checked.

ENTRY DATE:  Entries must be received by Wednesday 30th September.  Anyone entering after that date will pay a late fee of US$50. Late entries will not be included in the souvenir booklet.  The organiser reserves the right to refuse late entries (due to lack of equipment etc.)  Once correctly entered (by September 30), you will receive a form to complete promptly, asking for information about yourself and your playing experience, to be included in the souvenir program. 


ENTRY:    karendrichards@gmail.com


QUOTAS: Any country that is not a WESPA member may send 2 players, without paying an entry fee.  Additional players pay an entry fee of US$100 or equivalent. (Consider joining WESPA – it may cost less!)  The host country, Australia, may send 20 players, without paying an entry fee.  All other WESPA countries get up to 10 free entries. We welcome players in excess of quotas, who will pay US$100 entry fee. National associations advise organisers which players gain free entry.

COST OF WYSC:  All players and parents/ chaperons are responsible for booking and payment of their own transport and accommodation.  There is no entry fee for players who have been entered by their national Scrabble association, as part of national quotas.

ENTRY FEE: For non-quota players – US$100/ AU$120 (note that, if entry is submitted late, there is also a late fee of US$50/AU$60, making total fees of US$150/$AU180).  Entry fees are payable before play commences (i.e. at registration, or earlier)

LATE FEE: Players entered after 30th September pay a late fee (equivalent of US$50/AU$60).  This may be in addition to non-quota fees. Payment must be received before play commences.

QUALIFYING:  National associations will establish local qualifying criteria (which vary between countries, but are often based on a rating system).  Countries should set their own criteria and quotas for those receiving subsidies/sponsorship, and advise WYSC organisers of any “non-qualifying” players, who are to pay an entry fee. 

One example of a qualifying system can be found on the Australian website. There are very high standards set for those who will receive some financial assistance from the local Scrabble organisations for transport and accommodation – the remainder are welcome to compete, but must expect to pay extra.  http://scrabble.org.au/ratings/selective/2015WYSC.html

Note that this is based on young players who compete against adults – school tournaments do not count. 

NON-QUALIFYING PLAYERS: Anyone can enter WYSC, even if you do not enter through your National Association.  However, an entry fee will be charged (US$100/$AU120).  You will be required to prove to the organisers, that you have sufficient experience to compete

BEGINNERS: For the sake of everyone else, please ensure your child can score accurately. They must understand basic rules (e.g. how to challenge) and display good sportsmanship.  If they appear to be floundering, they may be asked to sit out some games, to facilitate smooth running of WYSC.



Champion - US$1,000 plus spot in WESPA Championship (4th to 8th November 2015)

Trophies (plus in some cases, prize-money) for:

Placing – top 10 finishers

Age Group Champions – best player born 1/1/2000 or later, 1/1/2002 or later. 1/1/2004 or later, 1/1/2006 or later, and 1/1/2008 or later (players may receive more than one award, e.g. an age award as well as an overall placing)

Encouragement Award – youngest player to finish in the top 25 (usually aged around 12 or 13)

High Word and High Game

Best Novice - not competed in WYSC before.

Best Player from a New Country (i.e. country which has not competed before)

Best National Team – results will be collated for the top 3 finishers from each country.  Those with fewer than three players will not be counted



On Friday 30th October, a tour of the picturesque UWA campus has been arranged, as well as a free 'Phantastic Physics' show, where there are interesting activities on display involving liquid nitrogen and magnetic levitation. 

Tour 2pm - 3pm

Phantastic Physics show 3pm to 4pm

WYSC registration 4pm to 5pm

Tour starts at Bayliss building UWA



*Please bring equipment if possible

For adults, there are also two Side tournaments during WYSC

Saturday and Sunday – 2 day tournament, 18 games, free challenge

Monday 2nd November am – 5 games tournament, free entry, penalty challenge, useful warmup for major events to follow


Tuesday 3rd November – Last Chance Tournament – suitable for the top  20+ youth

Wednesday 4th to Friday 6th November – Perth International Open – 24 games, anyone can enter

Saturday 7th November – Open tournament, 8 games

Sunday 8th  November  – Open tournament, 8 games

(*WESPA Championship 4th to 7th  November + final playoff, is only for those who have qualified)


Young players (plus parents/teachers etc.) are encouraged to join other events after WYSC (maybe come for 10 days, and play up to 5 tournaments in total)  This will give players great experience against the world’s top players.  All tournaments are WESPA-rated.

In particular, if you can finish as the highest youth in Last Chance Qualifier, you get a spot in the WESPA Championship, alongside the world’s top players.

Sunday 8th November, the final day of the WESPA Championship, will see the top two players battling it out in a separate final – in other words, you will be free to travel home from Saturday night (7th November), to get back to school by Monday.


Details of all tournaments can be found on WESPA website www.wespa.org  under “tournaments”.


ENTRY: To enter WYSC, contact  karendrichards@gmail.com


(Mrs) Karen D Richards

Chair, Youth Committee

WESPA (World English-language Scrabble Players Association)




Some things to do, in/around Perth:


General tourist information:  http://www.perthtouristcentre.com.au/


Fremantle Shipwreck Galleries and Maritime Museum: - check out the Dutch ship Batavia, wrecked in 1629 off the Western Australian coast.  www.museum.wa.gov.au


Waterparks or beaches  This is very pleasant Spring weather, ideal for water activities. If swimming in the ocean, only use patrolled beaches, where there are lifesavers. Always swim between the flags.  Our seas can be dangerous, with rips/currents, and some lurking noahs.


Sci-Tech  http://www.scitech.org.au/


Whale watching  http://www.whalewatchingperth.com/


Swim with dolphins http://dolphins.com.au/


Rottnest Island (home of quokkas, plus a good viewing point for passing whales) – highly recommended – do a day trip, hire cycles/adult tricycles (no cars allowed) or do a bus trip around the island to learn about the history – maybe even take a glass-bottom boat around the wrecks and reefs surrounding the island.  www.rottnestisland.com


Penguin Island – walk across from just south of Rockingham, during low tide, or take a boat trip, to this Penguin sanctuary.  www.penguinisland.com.au


Bibbulum Track – for anyone who loves trekking, this is the place to go.  Day walks, or do the entire trip (1000 kms) - accommodation huts along the route.  www.bibbulumtrack.org.au


Wildflower tours.  WA, with its sandy soil, has a proliferation of interesting wildflowers which spring from the earth in September/ October – glorious spider orchids, the distinctive kangaroo paw etc. – tours are available.


New Norcia  http://www.newnorcia.wa.edu.au/protecting-a-unique-heritage/the-story-of-new-norcia/


Walpole treetop walk

Combine this with a trip to Cape Leeuwin (where the Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean)

And maybe Albany (an old whaling station ) – you may prefer to take two days to do these as a leisurely combined trip


Pinnacles  http://www.visitpinnaclescountry.com.au/pages/getting-here/