WESPA Youth Cup 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
29th November to 1st December 2019

Scorecard for HK16 Sze Chun Yan

1 MY63 Ashavina306:296and is placed 87th with1+10
2 RO02 Cristian Caba316:351and is placed 107th with1-25
3 MY71 Jivhantika269:328and is placed 127th with1-84
4 MY04 Khor Jia Wynn257:465and is placed 157th with1-292
5 MY52 Dresden267:325and is placed 166th with1-350
6 HK15 Fung Wang Yin316:405and is placed 176th with1-439
7 TT06 Samantha Khan274:390and is placed 182nd with1-555
8 IN10 Ahana Goyal245:324and is placed 183rd with1-634
9 KE11 Angela Wachira320:242and is placed 178th with2-556
10 MY63 Ashavina318:326and is placed 181st with2-564
11 US03 Ricky Rodriguez374:307and is placed 173rd with3-497
12 AU06 Tanissha368:220and is placed 155th with4-349
13 MY41 Viishnu292:409and is placed 167th with4-466
14 MY37 Kreesan291:448and is placed 176th with4-623
15 AU08 Patrick Huynh250:371and is placed 182nd with4-744
16 HK17 Ho Fai Yeung329:350and is placed 183rd with4-765
17 QA08 Vershnil280:398and is placed 188th with4-883
18 MY63 Ashavina332:347and is placed 188th with4-898
19 awarded a walkover and is placed 184th with5-798
20 NP01 Visika Parajuli302: 80and is placed 181st with6-576
21 MY74 Amira354:218and is placed 174th with7-440
22 KE08 Joshua Karunga317:317and is placed 176th with7.5-440
23 MY70 Ayishvariya259:374and is placed 180th with7.5-555