WESPA Youth Cup 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
29th November to 1st December 2019

Scorecard for LK16 Minaya

1 MY32 Joshua464:356and is placed 50th with1+108
2 MY02 Tengku317:434and is placed 97th with1-9
3 LK14 Dulandee293:363and is placed 123rd with1-79
4 MY59 Yang Wen Kai398:319and is placed 93rd with2+0
5 MY73 Rahul M Avalani346:290and is placed 76th with3+56
6 US01 Nathanael376:366and is placed 61st with4+66
7 IN06 Devansh Malpani324:365and is placed 78th with4+25
8 SG06 Liu Zi Jian399:362and is placed 63rd with5+62
9 SG09 Lee Xing Yu261:425and is placed 85th with5-102
10 PK19 Shan e Abbas415:364and is placed 70th with6-51
11 HK08 Ian Tsoi Yin336:360and is placed 89th with6-75
12 MY34 Navish Lakhwani437:367and is placed 69th with7-5
13 MY70 Ayishvariya401:263and is placed 50th with8+133
14 ID01 Md Nur Akbar444:334and is placed 39th with9+243
15 LK07 Nimuthu330:531and is placed 53rd with9+42
16 HK05 Ho Cheuk Yiu354:472and is placed 71st with9-76
17 MY40 Azry412:362and is placed 60th with10-26
18 GB02 Joshua Moisey403:358and is placed 45th with11+19
19 awarded a walkover and is placed 34th with12+119
20 LK06 Hasali433:237and is placed 25th with13+315
21 MY12 Tan Zi Kang307:597and is placed 36th with13+25
22 MY08 Ang Yi Qun408:373and is placed 28th with14+60
23 MY12 Tan Zi Kang311:423and is placed 38th with14-52