WESPA Youth Cup 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
29th November to 1st December 2019

Scorecard for MY53 Sesmiitaa

1 TH01 Napat V198:576and is placed 188th with0-378
2 PK04 Ahmed Atta209:470and is placed 190th with0-639
3 MY24 Abilashini190:313and is placed 188th with0-762
4 MY21 Nishalakshree307:231and is placed 171st with1-686
5 KE07 Benmoffart299:256and is placed 144th with2-643
6 IN09 Vishesh Bhatia216:340and is placed 162nd with2-767
7 MY33 Nurin Fazila259:472and is placed 175th with2-980
8 MY44 Ng Anna244:471and is placed 181st with2-1207
9 KE06 Rejoice Njoroge178:346and is placed 185th with2-1375
10 HK14 Chiu Pui Hang267:397and is placed 188th with2-1505
11 KE08 Joshua Karunga201:264and is placed 189th with2-1568
12 KE10 Priscilla Nduku323:401and is placed 188th with2-1646
13 MY74 Amira339:265and is placed 187th with3-1572
14 KE10 Priscilla Nduku367:362and is placed 183rd with4-1567
15 NP01 Visika Parajuli283:152and is placed 175th with5-1436
16 MY51 Nurr211:344and is placed 180th with5-1569
17 IN09 Vishesh Bhatia180:415and is placed 184th with5-1804
18 KE09 Victor Mutugi317:321and is placed 186th with5-1808
19 MY69 Chow307:399and is placed 187th with5-1900
20 MY24 Abilashini261:356and is placed 188th with5-1995
21 awarded a walkover and is placed 186th with6-1895
22 US03 Ricky Rodriguez348:268and is placed 184th with7-1815
23 KE09 Victor Mutugi239:313and is placed 186th with7-1889