WESPA Youth Cup 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
29th November to 1st December 2019

Scorecard for MY62 Jeysstan

1 HK04 Ernest302:412and is placed 144th with0-110
2 MY52 Dresden248:472and is placed 174th with0-334
3 MY51 Nurr333:357and is placed 173rd with0-358
4 NP02 Surya322:365and is placed 179th with0-401
5 IN10 Ahana Goyal409:250and is placed 154th with1-242
6 awarded a walkover and is placed 131st with2-142
7 TH17 Hatthaya Jaidee358:368and is placed 141st with2-152
8 MY57 Vishal Menon367:364and is placed 130th with3-149
9 MY60 Chow Zhuo Xue308:419and is placed 147th with3-260
10 TH10 Chutikan292:332and is placed 157th with3-300
11 MY71 Jivhantika305:313and is placed 166th with3-308
12 NP02 Surya409:241and is placed 150th with4-140
13 MY10 Nur293:409and is placed 161st with4-256
14 MY61 Justin355:399and is placed 169th with4-300
15 SG10 Myint396:339and is placed 158th with5-243
16 US01 Nathanael345:381and is placed 164th with5-279
17 KE08 Joshua Karunga380:275and is placed 157th with6-174
18 MY19 Farid Irfan295:427and is placed 167th with6-306
19 TT05 Alisa Alexander397:364and is placed 156th with7-273
20 MY37 Kreesan332:384and is placed 165th with7-325
21 US02 Jeffrey Pogue319:340and is placed 172nd with7-346
22 HK14 Chiu Pui Hang423:264and is placed 161st with8-187
23 MY60 Chow Zhuo Xue453:373and is placed 152nd with9-107