WESPA Youth Cup 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
29th November to 1st December 2019

Scorecard for NP01 Visika Parajuli

1 HK15 Fung Wang Yin146:478and is placed 186th with0-332
2 MY54 Kavena Avalani156:402and is placed 188th with0-578
3 PK26 Ayesha Shamim174:447and is placed 190th with0-851
4 KE11 Angela Wachira172:399and is placed 190th with0-1078
5 MY21 Nishalakshree211:276and is placed 190th with0-1143
6 MY74 Amira256:283and is placed 190th with0-1170
7 awarded a walkover and is placed 185th with1-1070
8 MY74 Amira263:292and is placed 187th with1-1099
9 MY74 Amira309:237and is placed 183rd with2-1027
10 KE16 Sharmake238:323and is placed 185th with2-1112
11 MY22 Aisshwarya178:530and is placed 188th with2-1464
12 KE11 Angela Wachira231:438and is placed 189th with2-1671
13 KE10 Priscilla Nduku218:396and is placed 190th with2-1849
14 AU06 Tanissha228:421and is placed 190th with2-2042
15 MY53 Sesmiitaa152:283and is placed 190th with2-2173
16 MY74 Amira224:263and is placed 190th with2-2212
17 KE16 Sharmake185:448and is placed 190th with2-2475
18 forfeited and is placed 190th with2-2575
19 MY74 Amira283:298and is placed 190th with2-2590
20 HK16 Sze Chun Yan 80:302and is placed 190th with2-2812
21 US03 Ricky Rodriguez262:353and is placed 190th with2-2903
22 MY74 Amira251:314and is placed 190th with2-2966
23 KE16 Sharmake257:438and is placed 190th with2-3147