WESPA Youth Cup 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
29th November to 1st December 2019

Scorecard for NP02 Surya

1 HK06 Fung Tsz Hin357:435and is placed 132nd with0-78
2 MY14 Marcus265:506and is placed 173rd with0-319
3 TH04 Pawee Seedamart275:503and is placed 181st with0-547
4 MY62 Jeysstan365:322and is placed 168th with1-504
5 KE09 Victor Mutugi468:248and is placed 136th with2-284
6 MY50 Aghalya339:376and is placed 145th with2-321
7 MY32 Joshua336:392and is placed 156th with2-377
8 HK15 Fung Wang Yin309:349and is placed 167th with2-417
9 QA08 Vershnil369:363and is placed 153rd with3-411
10 MY50 Aghalya343:352and is placed 163rd with3-420
11 PK16 Bilal Asher292:394and is placed 174th with3-522
12 MY62 Jeysstan241:409and is placed 182nd with3-690
13 MY69 Chow311:389and is placed 181st with3-768
14 MY51 Nurr278:375and is placed 185th with3-865
15 QA08 Vershnil389:297and is placed 183rd with4-773
16 HK14 Chiu Pui Hang374:278and is placed 174th with5-677
17 awarded a walkover and is placed 164th with6-577
18 KE06 Rejoice Njoroge346:237and is placed 152nd with7-468
19 QA08 Vershnil340:389and is placed 163rd with7-517
20 MY73 Rahul M Avalani352:297and is placed 154th with8-462
21 MY50 Aghalya274:294and is placed 157th with8-482
22 SG11 Wise383:281and is placed 148th with9-380
23 MY32 Joshua330:350and is placed 156th with9-400