WESPA Youth Cup 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
29th November to 1st December 2019

Scorecard for US03 Ricky Rodriguez

1 MY07 Edmond254:449and is placed 166th with0-195
2 LK12 Ahmed Akeel325:352and is placed 165th with0-222
3 AU08 Patrick Huynh296:311and is placed 163rd with0-237
4 MY47 Muhd Akif262:440and is placed 180th with0-415
5 QA07 Dulmini330:309and is placed 169th with1-394
6 assigned half a win and is placed 164th with1.5-394
7 assigned half a win and is placed 158th with2-394
8 TH10 Chutikan306:477and is placed 175th with2-565
9 HK15 Fung Wang Yin315:420and is placed 180th with2-670
10 MY49 Rohit Kanna395:300and is placed 170th with3-575
11 HK16 Sze Chun Yan307:374and is placed 180th with3-642
12 MY23 Harshavardhan306:466and is placed 183rd with3-802
13 MY51 Nurr308:257and is placed 174th with4-751
14 MY69 Chow295:306and is placed 178th with4-762
15 KE06 Rejoice Njoroge251:315and is placed 184th with4-826
16 IN10 Ahana Goyal265:339and is placed 186th with4-900
17 assigned half a win and is placed 185th with4.5-900
18 assigned half a win and is placed 184th with5-900
19 KE08 Joshua Karunga312:434and is placed 186th with5-1022
20 MY69 Chow280:457and is placed 186th with5-1199
21 NP01 Visika Parajuli353:262and is placed 185th with6-1108
22 MY53 Sesmiitaa268:348and is placed 187th with6-1188
23 MY74 Amira348:288and is placed 184th with7-1128